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MMI Award

The MMI Award of Recognition for Service in Materiel Management, sponsored by Summit magazine, was presented on Wednesday, May 24, 2000, to Virginia McEwen, Head, Asset and Warehouse Management, Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). 


Virginia and her team have recently been involved in a complex project, involving an exhaustive three-year verification of all of CSIS' physical assets. She maintained "a consultative approach" throughout the course of the project. "As a result the project was completed in a very timely and efficient manner that produced a very accurate and current physical asset data base," reported Doug Keene, Chief Materiel Management, CSIS. 

"Virginia has literally done it all in her thirty-five years of experience," added Keene, her immediate superior at the present time. "Virginia's integrity, energy and positive, professional attitude in all circumstances, has and continues to impress me. It is a privilege to work with her…" 

We couldn't have said it better! Congratulations Virginia McEwen!! 

Summit: The Business of Public Sector Procurement is pleased to sponsor this award of recognition of the materiel manager or contract official who, in doing his or her job conscientiously and effectively, contributes significantly to the success of the overall project or operation. The award was initiated in 1999. Please watch for coverage of Virginia McEwen and her colleagues in the September 2000 issue of Summit.


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