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Summit magazine contents
2012 - Volume 15

Canada's magazine on public sector purchasing

May-June 2012, Issue 1

May/June 2012
Volume 15, Issue 1

Letter from the Editor

‘Seeing’ the future
A neophyte about predictive analytics, I learn how this software and service can help you make informed, evidence-based decisions
by Anne Phillips

The power of data in healthcare
The Drummond Report, commissioned by the Province of Ontario, outlines issues and solutions for Ontario s healthcare system. Maximizing the information that can be found in the massive amounts of data generated throughout the health system can help make the solutions easier to achieve... and not just in Ontario
by Steve Papagiannis

Rio gets it right
City leaders in forward thinking cities such as Rio de Janeiro are purchasing modern technology and creating intelligent operations centres that help them prepare for and respond to emergency situations & even to manage day-to-day operations
by John Longbottom

Two ‘solitudes’
A CFIB survey shows that Procurements between small business and the federal government are still hit and miss
by Louis-Martin Parent

Leveraging mainframes
Creativity at DND turns mainframes into a modern enter- prise hosting system for government
by John R. Palmer

Shifting gears - increase momentum going ‘green’
Supply chain professionals have a role to play in continu- ing to develop and promote sustainable purchasing prac- tices. Case tells you how
by Scott Case

Print? Don't Print?
It's 2012 and just when you think you have your printing solutions figured out, the industry develops new products and systems that can help you streamline for better efficiency, production and cost savings over all
by Mark McCullough

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