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The RFP Report

The RFP Report, The Newletter of Ideas, Checklists, Guidelines and Information About the Request for Proposal
Editor: Michael Asner

Price: 16 pages per issue, quarterly, $75 per year

Pages: approx 16
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"


The only newsletter devoted to the Request for Proposal, The RFP Report keeps you up-to-date on best practices and new approaches. This unique publication is a valuable source of ideas and guidelines. It regularly identifies new sources of information, both in printed form and on the World Wide Web.

Earlier Issues . . . List of topics:

Issue #27 - This issue contains 3 articles: A description of the impact of a recent Montana court ruling declaring that evaluation committee meetings were "public meetings"; a detailed ecample of an evaluation/scoring procedure; and a description of sole sourcing in Virginia.

Issue #26 - A New Book (continued), More Web Sites (continued) and a New Checklist - This issue continues the extract from The Request For Proposal Handbook dealing with the evaluation process. It describes 12 more state procurement web sites and contains a checklist for items in an completed RFP File.

Issue #25 - A New Book, A New Magazine, and More Web Sites - This issue provides an extract from The Request For Proposal Handbook dealing with the evaluation process. It also describes a new magazine and provides an analysis of 11 state procurement web sites.

Issue #24 - Justice Systems - This issue is dedicated to analysis of an RFP for Software for Legal Case Management Applications issued by the state of Washington. Provides additional sources of information for justice systems.

Issue #23 - Supplier Complaints and Protests: a Canadian Perspective - legislation and policy guidelines for the federal government and each of the provinces and territories; summary of duties and rights under public and private law; references.

Issue #22 - Excellence in Creating RFPs: a collection of 8 "excellent" writeups related to RFPs - Scoring Systems, Demonstrations, Evaluation Process, Evaluation Criteria, etc. Based on a review of hundreds of documents, RFPs, guidelines, and statutes.

Issue #21 - RFP Guidelines and Templates: Great examples from Alaska (Model RFP), Mass. (Request for Response Handbook) and Georgia (RFP Guidelines and Template).

Issue #20 - How To Acquire Document Imaging Systems and Services: Sample RFPs, RFIs, RFOs, and ITBs from Utah, Texas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, B.C, Kansas, and Florida.

Issue #19 - Outsourcing: Suppliers Hate Liquidated Damages (Integrated Enrollment System, Texas); Using an Expression of Interest (Services including materials management, and mail, Central Mortgage Corp. Canada); Outsourcing Your Printing & Mailing (Wisconsin); Outsourcing the Old Data Centre (Maine); Selling the Electronic Highway (Electronic access to government data, British Columbia, Canada).

Issue #18 - Handling supplier complaints (reference book); NASPO/NASIRE report on procurement reform; Government contracting in Canada; Sole source procurements (Mass.); Great Web sites for purchasing executives.

Issue #17 - Hot Topics: Year 2000 Consultant (Utah); Document Imaging (Washington State); Procurement Reform (Mass.).

Issue #16 - The Year 2000 Problem: Century Date Change Scoping (Neb.), Century Date Change Implementation (Neb.); Applications Systems Conversion (British Columbia, Canada);

Issue #15 - Some Broader Issues: Procurement Performance Measures (President's Council); RFP Guidelines for Auditing Services (GA); Government Tries New Procurement Methods (Emerging Technologies Handbook); An Elected Officials Guide to Procurement (Government Finance Officers Association).

Issue #14 - Implementing the world's largest photo radar system (British Columbia, Canada); Selected Bibliography; Common Purpose Procurement (Ontario, Canada); Web sites.

Issue #13 - Joint Solutions Procurement (British Columbia, Canada); Evaluating Mandatory Requirements; RFPs and Contracting Practices; Web sites.

Issue #12 - Fair and Open Competition (practices throughout North America); Oregon's Procurement Policy; California's Definition of Competitive Bidding; Web sites.

Issue #11 - Using the Web: A Research Tool for Purchasing Organizations; The California Approach to RFPs; State of Arizona Procurement Code.

Issue #10 - Including a Strategic Alliance in the RFP; The Role of a New Central Agency (Australia); State of Arizona Procurement Code (Part I); Terms and Conditions (AZ).

Issue #9 - State of Washington Model Request For Proposal; Yukon Government Contracting Regulations (Canada);

Issue #8 - RFPs in Alaska: State Procurement Code; Purchasing Regulations; The Building Blocks For Constructing An Evaluation Process.

Issue #7 - Handling Supplier Complaints and Protests (Part II); Supplier Complaints and NAFTA; Certifying Compliance; Important Lessons (for improving the RFP process).

Issue #6 - Handling Supplier Complaints and Protests (Part I); Judgment & The RFP Process.

Issue #5 - Professional Procurement - Adding Value to the Process; When do you release results: An Effective (Procurement) Policy.; Proposal Evaluation Guidelines.

Issue #4 - Evaluation Criteria (a summary of 19 RFPs); Freedom of Information Act (B.C., Canada).

Issue #3 - Keeping Score (one method of scoring proposals); A $10 million Example (12 Key Features of a major RFP); Expensive Lessons (7 frequently occurring problems).

Issue #2 - RFP Rules (The Building Block Approach to RFP Approvals); Some Important RFP Add-Ons; Recycling RFPs (sources of good ideas); Standardizing RFPs (B.C., Canada).

Issue #1 - The Impact of Using an RFP; Enforcing Most-Favoured Customer Pricing (NY City); An Ontario Perspective on Evaluation of RFPs; Reference Checking; A Checklist for Organizing an RFP; Sources of Additional Information.

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