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Supplier Complaints and Protests

Supplier Complaints and Protests: A Guilde Guide for Public Officials and Vendors
Authors: Michael Asner, David Hunter and Michael Moss
Edition: Second, 1999. A revised edition containing separate chapters on US law, Canadian law, as well as information about NAFTA and the Agreement on Internal Trade

Price: $70

Pages: 150
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" (binder)


* Understand the principles of fair and open competition!
* Know the law and what the courts have said!
* Understand the complaint procedures in both U.S. and Canada!
* Understand the duties, responsibilities and rights of buyers and vendors!

For buyers . . .

If you're involved in public sector procurement, you have undoubtedly felt the increasing pressure to justify each and every major purchase. Organizations are being subjected to more and more public scrutiny, and are required by law to conduct their procurement activities in a visibly fair manner.

This vital guidebook will teach you:
  • How to make sure your procurement procedures are visibly fair.
  • How to make sure your competence and objectivity are never questioned.
  • How to prevent nearly all supplier complaints and protests.
  • How to become a partner with suppliers.
  • How to handle protests effectively.
  • Your duties and responsibilities under the law in your jurisdiction.
For vendors . . .

If you are a vendor selling to government, you've probably questioned the legality of some procurement practices. You've probably wondered what the laws and courts have said about auction techniques, or unfair competitions. You've probably wondered about the laws in other jurisdictions in which you market your products and services.

This vital guidebook will teach you:
  • How to evaluate procurement practices to ensure that they are fair and open.
  • How to challenge existing practices.
  • Your rights and responsibilities under the law in both U.S. and Canada.

A must-read for many public sector officials: senior procurement executives, legal managers, senior administrators, legal counsel. Also a must-read for supplier executives involved in marketing to government. No other handbook has this level of information on both the process and legal aspects of procurement. No other handbook deals with NAFTA, and contains chapters on both US and Canadian laws related to supplier complaints.


1. Complaints, Protests and Your Career
2. Start with a Solid Foundation: Promote Fair and Open Competition
3. Go the Extra Mile: Promote Excellence
4. When Best Efforts Fail: Handle Protests More Effectively
5. Some Examples of Policies and Practices
6. Your Best Defense: Know the Law (Canada)
7. Your Best Defense: Know the Law (U.S.)


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