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Summit magazine has teamed up with Michael Asner Consulting, North America's largest source of information about the Request For Proposal Process. His reference publications are being used by more than 3,000 organizations from coast to coast. The purchasers include many ministries, crown corporations, agencies and commissions, as well as cities, counties, school districts and libraries.  Click here for a list of purchasers.

Each year, public and private sector organizations spend millions of dollars developing Requests For Proposals. Unfortunately, many of these RFPs have serious deficiencies. They fail to structure the process; they often provide ambiguous selection criteria; they don't identify major requirements or contractual terms. These organizations fail to take advantage of the vast body of knowledge of other, more successful developers of RFPs.

Each of these publications will save you time, provide you with real-life examples, and help bullet-proof your next RFP. Order your copies today.

Request for Proposal Handbook, A Handbook of Guidelines, Best Practices, Examples, Laws, Regulations and Checklists From Jurisdictions Throughout United States and Canada
Author: Michael Asner
Edition: Second, 2000.

Price: $450

Pages: 500 pages
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" (binder)
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Originally published by Government Technology Press in Sacramento. More than 2000 copies were sold at the original price of $295 (U.S.). Now, completely revised and published by McGraw Hill in May. Includes 2 disks containing an additional 600 pages of reference material.

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Supplier Complaints and Protests
A Guide for Public Officials and Vendors

Authors: Michael Asner, David Hunter and Michael Moss
Edition: Second, 1999. A revised edition containing separate chapters on US law, Canadian law, as well as information about NAFTA and the Agreement on Internal Trade

Price: $70

Pages: 150
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" (binder)
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* Understand the principles of fair and open competition!
* Know the law and what the courts have said!
* Understand the complaint procedures in both U.S. and Canada!
* Understand the duties, responsibilities and rights of buyers and vendors!

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The RFP Report, The Newletter of Ideas, Checklists, Guidelines and Information About the Request for Proposal
Editor: Michael Asner

Price: 16 pages per issue, quarterly, $75 per year

Pages: approx 16
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
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The only newsletter devoted to the Request for Proposal, The RFP Report keeps you up-to-date on best practices and new approaches. This unique publication is a valuable source of ideas and guidelines. It regularly identifies new sources of information, both in printed form and on the World Wide Web.

See the topics we've covered recently! How much time and effort would you invest to research any one of these topics?

Issue #27 - This issue contains 3 articles: A description of the impact of a recent Montana court ruling declaring that evaluation committee meetings were "public meetings"; a detailed ecample of an evaluation/scoring procedure; and a description of sole sourcing in Virginia.

Issue #26 - A New Book (continued), More Web Sites (continued) and a New Checklist - This issue continues the extract from The Request For Proposal Handbook dealing with the evaluation process. It describes 12 more state procurement web sites and contains a checklist for items in an completed RFP File.

Issue #25 - A New Book, A New Magazine, and More Web Sites - This issue provides an extract from The Request For Proposal Handbook dealing with the evaluation process. It also describes a new magazine and provides an analysis of 11 state procurement web sites.

Issue #24 - Justice Systems - This issue is dedicated to analysis of an RFP for Software for Legal Case Management Applications issued by the state of Washington. Provides additional sources of information for justice systems.

For a complete list of topics covered in earlier issues, click here.

To order, click here.


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