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Procurement Tip

An ongoing series of tips provided by
experts  in the procurement arena




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Michael Asner

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Michael Asner helps government people (usually auditors or procurement executives) deal with procurement and RFP issues. (He also helps private sector companies understand the RFP process and how to create effective proposals). For the last 15 years, Michael has provided consulting services, published books and articles, and offered workshops to governments and government agencies throughout North America.

Patti Magee

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PATTI MAGEE worked for many years at Public Works and Government Services Canada in a number of capacities, including internal audit. She is now principal consultant of Government Procurement Consultants Ltd., and provides advice on procurement-related issues to many government clients, and private sector companies doing business with the government.

David Swift

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DAVID T. SWIFT is the Managing Director of RFP SOLUTIONS - Procurement Strategies for Government, an Ottawa-based firm of procurement, legal, accounting and engineering professionals. RFP Solutions has developed an SOW writing guide to assist managers in developing an effective and compliant SOW. The SOW Template & Writing Guide lists the principles for the development of each section of the SOW, in addition to example text. This resource can be downloaded for free at: http://www.rfpsolutions.ca/sowwritingguide.htm

RFP SOLUTIONS works exclusively for government agencies, to help managers reduce the risks, delays and complexities associated with the RFP process. The firm works with government managers to develop effective and compliant RFPs and to conduct fair and consistent bid evaluations. David can be reached by telephone at (613) 728-1335, or by e-mail at dave@rfpsolutions.ca

Court Stevens

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Court Stevens, President of DC Stevens Consulting Group Inc. (SCGI) is based in Victoria, British Columbia. His professional development and consulting practice specializes in procurement and contract management, risk management, negotiation and communications and leadership training courses.

He has been directly associated with all facets of procurement and contract management, as a project manager for large Federal Government programs, and as an instructor and consultant, for over 20 years.

SCGI procurement and contract management training courses include Managing and Monitoring Contract Performance, Planning and Development of Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Preparing Well-Written Proposals in Response to an RFP, and Negotiating Effectively.

For more information on Stevens Consulting Group Inc. and its training courses please go to www.stevcon.com.



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