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"How To" Publications

Summit magazine has teamed up with Michael Asner Consulting, North America's largest source of information about the Request For Proposal Process. His reference publications are being used by more than 3,500 organizations. The purchasers include many ministries, crown corporations, agencies and commissions, as well as cities, counties, school districts and libraries.

Each year, public and private sector organizations spend millions of dollars developing Requests For Proposals. Unfortunately, many of these RFPs have serious deficiencies. They fail to structure the process; they often provide ambiguous selection criteria; they don't identify major requirements or contractual terms. These organizations fail to take advantage of the vast body of knowledge of other, more successful developers of RFPs.

We have four products that can help you bullet-proof your RFPs:


The RFP Report is a free quarterly newsletter dedicated to ideas, best practices and checklists. Past Issues have dealt with important topics. Issue 50 deals with the Statement of Work. It contains a brief review of resources found on the web: training, templates, 'how to' manuals, and books and other resources.

Issue 49 contains articles about Green RFPs and Information Technology Outsourcing. To review these issues or to sign up for a free subscription, click here.


Published in May 2005, The Third Edition of the leading RFP best practices handbook shows you how to construct RFPs that work!

To learn more about this valuable reference text, click here.

400 pages of best RFP practices and examples of excellence.

The first 2 editions are being used by more than 3,500 public bodies.

“Michael Asner's book removes a lot of the RFP process mystery. It is one of very few RFP books that address the negotiation process. I refer to Mr. Asner's book often and it is recommended reading for public procurement officers.”

- John O. Adler, CPPO
State Procurement Administrator
State of Arizona
President, National Association of State Procurement

How to Develop an Effective Statement of Work: A Best Practices Training CD by Terry Davenport

  • One hour Powerpoint presentation narrated by Terry Davenport
  • 60 page resource guide
  • License
  • Click here for more information.

A Searchable Library of The Best RFP Practices From More Than Sixty Jurisdictions

706 pages of best RFP practices in hard copy and on a CD.

ONLY $195

This valuable product contains more than 700 pages of best practices, gathered from hundreds of web sites, and from more than 60 jurisdictions. When the CD containing the book is loaded onto your computer, it becomes a searchable library. Find information on any topic using a simple search! Print out what you need!

The Best RFP Practices From More Than Sixty Jurisdictions has been compiled by Michael Asner from 48 issues of his popular newsletter, The RFP Report . Michael is North America 's largest publisher of RFP information.

To learn more about this valuable reference text, click here.

"I think this book is a “must-have” for both the novice and the pro! Lots of common sense and proven techniques!"

- Jim O'Neill
Past President, NIGP


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